The Experience of Michael F. Richards Makes Him a Great Financial Expert Witness

When you are preparing for a challenging case, adding an experienced and knowledgeable financial expert witness to your team will elevate the quality of the materials presented to the adjudicating body. It is a way to build a solid position as either plaintiff or defendant based upon the real-world know-how of someone who has been a part of the financial sector.

Michael F. Richards has decades of experience working in the banking world to call upon and apply on his client’s behalf. He began in the field as a trainee loan officer and steadily advanced through the banking world to finally organize and found his own bank, where he was president, CEO, and director until beginning his consulting and financial expert witness career.

He took that step to consulting, and many lawyers have taken advantage of his prodigious skills to help them prepare solid legal cases in the financial realm. He has been relied upon by attorneys across the United States as an expert witness in more than 100 cases.

His testifying experience has included federal and state courts. He has given evidence in white-collar crime cases, offered expert reports for Bankruptcy Fair Interest Rate Calculations, and worked on matters involving the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.