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When you are looking for a financial expert witness for banking or financial litigation, then Michael F. Richards is here for you. With more than 34 years of experience in banking, Michael F. Richards has a keen understanding of the internal workings of the financial industry. He uses this knowledge to assist attorneys and clients with expert litigation support.

Michael F. Richards has been retained on over 100 cases in 37 different states by both plaintiffs and defendants as they deal with financial litigation. His banking litigation support includes in-depth discovery assistance, regulatory research, understanding standard, and reasonable banking practices. He also offers opposing expert witness deposition questioning assistance.

With his experience as a founder, president, and director of two De Novo banks and heading up a work-out department for a regional bank, he provides clients and attorneys with a behind-the-scenes understanding of banks. This experience also gives him a wealth of knowledge in litigation testimony from the bank's perspective. While his expertise and expert witness services are helpful for your case, Michal F. Richards does not provide legal advice as he is not an attorney. So, contact his office today to discuss your financial litigation and let him provide you with the testimony support you require.

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