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When you need assistance dealing with financial litigation, turn to Michael F. Richards for the support you need. As a finance expert witness, he has helped countless attorneys and their clients deal with their civil banking litigation. With over 34 years of experience working in the financial and banking industries, he has the knowledge and expertise to assist with nearly any case. He also has a deep and intimate understanding of the internal workings of the banks allowing him to provide expert testimony on these procedures. So contact his office when you need a banking expert witness and let him provide you with the testimony and reporting you require for your case.

Unmatched Experience

When it comes to providing services as an expert witness for finance, there is no better choice than Michael F. Richards. He has worked on over 100 cases throughout the United States, providing expert testimony at both state and federal levels of court. He has worked on both sides of the court, offering comprehensive support to both plaintiffs and defendants over the years. Please note that, while Michael F. Richards is an expert witness and consultant, he does not provide legal advice for your situation; for that, you would need to seek an attorney.

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