Questions to Ask a Financial Expert Witness

No one expects a lawyer to be an expert in banking, which is why a financial expert witness is your best advocate. When you know your case will call for an examination of documents regarding investments, moneylending, assets, stocks, or shares, it’s time to call in an experienced professional.

Once your financial expert witness has reviewed the information, there are three questions you need to ask to support your case:

What Was Done Wrong?

The primary goal of discovery is to detail what, if anything, was done wrong.

What Wasn’t in the Documents That Should be Present?

Sometimes it’s what’s not there that is the most pressing concern. If specific bank requirements were omitted, they would not appear in discovery, which should raise some red flags.

What Concerns You Most About the Case?

If something doesn’t seem right, it likely means potential problems that need further investigation. Should the financial expert witness find items detrimental to your case, it’s best to get ahead of that information before it’s revealed in court. Assuming the opposing council has done their research, they may also be aware of the questionable findings.