Litigation Support Services for Bank Regulations & Law

Consumers and lending institutions depend on one another to thrive and perpetuate the health of the economy. However, it is reasonable to deduce that both sides wish to be treated fairly and justly – that is why regulations on banks and lending exist. When there is a legal dispute between parties, it is up to the law to determine the correct outcome.

When your legal team has been tasked with building a case, it is necessary to utilize all of the resources available to ensure you can represent your clients accurately. In these instances, having access to litigation support services can help your side significantly.

The Function of Litigation Support

Litigation support is anything that a legal team can utilize to build their case for their clients. This is a broad topic by design because support comes in a variety of forms. One of the most common avenues for this service is hiring a subject matter expert who is knowledgeable in a particular sector of finance, such as loans, real estate, or another function that a financial institution might execute.

Subject matter experts can fill a variety of roles, such as a knowledge consultant, expert witness, and issues analyst. While a legal team might request litigation support services, the person or agency they hire for them can still assume an objective stance in a case – legal teams can use their findings as evidence to strengthen their positions.

Banking expert witnesses are hired for litigation support frequently. That is because they serve as a knowledge base for a variety of financing topics, including but not limited to:

  • Banking Practices and Procedures
  • Finance Industry Standards
  • Credit Analysis
  • Loan Review and Documentation
  • Bank Regulations and Law
  • Lender Liability
  • Fraud

For legal teams, litigation support can be a great boon. The subject matter expert allows you to expand your research capabilities. In addition, their presence in the courtroom can strengthen your arguments. By requesting litigation support services, you can save your time and resources, while also giving your clients a stronger position.