Finding a Financial Expert Witness to Assist with Commercial Mortgages

When it comes to the role of a financial expert witness, Michael F. Richards is a highly reliable source to trust. He has the qualifications to testify and prepare reports for litigation regarding any issues concerning a commercial mortgage loan. A commercial mortgage is a type of loan that’s secured by a lien on commercial real estate (CRE), which is an income-producing property that can only be used for business purposes; this can be anything from:

  • Retail Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Hotels and Motels

These reports will touch base on all the details that are in breach of the commercial mortgage loan, and a financial expert witness provides all the details about:

  • Real Estate Transaction Negligence
  • Negligent Misrepresentation
  • Real Estate Owner Obligations
  • Commercial Property Damage and Fire Loss
  • Fair Market Lease Value of Commercial Leased Premises
  • Commercial Tenants’ Rights
  • Commercial Breach of Contract

A financial expert witness is highly knowledgeable about bank policies and procedures, regulations, industry-specific mortgage lending, and standards of care. Their role is to assist law firms with complicated cases that require their experience and information in the listed fields and possibly more. Contact Michael F. Richards to learn more about how he can help your law firm.