Expert Witness Services for Matters of Loan Participation

The expert witness services provided by Michael F. Richards are a crucial asset for case preparation when dealing with complex financial issues that may be beyond your area of expertise.

This article will look, in particular, at how Mr. Richards can assist with matters of loan participation and litigation. He’s prepared to call upon his in-depth experience in banking and finances to offer insightful and valuable advice and guidance on getting ready for a trial or deposition.

Litigation can arise when unscrupulous lenders sell off loan participations that actually exceed the loan’s original value. In such situations, regulators can get involved to clamp down on shady dealings, and suits and trials may be the result.

The originating lender is responsible for loan participation due diligence, but sometimes that fails to catch issues that can develop into potential problems. Any irregularities or unusual factors can be flagged and brought to the attention of authorities and can be explored thoroughly with the help of a financial expert.

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