How a Banking Expert Witness Can Assist with Agricultural Lending Cases

Even the best of attorneys needs to supplement their knowledge when it comes to certain types of cases. This is especially true in the world of banking, which features incredibly dense laws and rules that can feel impenetrable to anyone who isn’t steeped in the industry.

That is when it is time to turn to a banking expert witness. This is a banking professional who is able to break down all of the meticulous details involved in an agricultural lending case to help clarify the situation. This then enables the attorney to better understand and build their case for their client.

The agricultural industry has faced significant headwinds in recent years, which has led the FDIC to issue an advisory to financial institutions encouraging safe and sound lending practices. Low commodity prices, trade concerns, and adverse weather conditions can also create uncertain economic conditions that can threaten agriculture produces as well as their lenders.

This is the type of situation that can create a lot of potential issues that might end up in court. With a banking expert witness, an attorney is better equipped to understand these issues. Michael F. Richards is available to speak to you about your next case.